Every day I am humbled. Though I do not remember anything vividly,retween what memory I do retain all that can be said is, I am blessed. Only three words can explain my situation overall: Better than bad. Having been told all that I need to know, and the specific description of how I was before the accident need not be told me. Certain people(WHO WILL REMAIN NAMELESS) felt compelled to repeatedly bring that up. Maybe from a long-term hate fueled by jealousy, including the shaking of the head, the tisk-tisk, and the half-eyed looks. After nearly dying, being pried out of a Nissan and rushed to the Hospital, nobody deserves even half of what I’ve been through. Then after enduring multiple seizures, of the grand-maul sort, and being rushed to the hospital. All of which my God, through Jesus, brought me through. People go through way worse things than what happened to me, all I can say. Is it’s good to be alive.


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