Everyone has heard mention, though few have seen.

Also seeing that neither bad nor ugly, you are well on the way.

My ‘Cheeks are plump, both unique, but not complete till the END.

Your soul is placed in the body like coal on the ground and a diamond is the goal.

Just as, created by God for His Glory, I know you are the “apple” of my eye,

What may have been or be said in the future does not matter… that will not change.

It is my love for you that makes me text regardless of how I despise the action.

Thank you for your actions, for without you I will not shine…


One thought on “INtheROUGH

  1. The very same thing that attracted me to you was the creation and beauty that flows from your view. What a lovely piece of work. Life is a beautiful love story and U have found the pieces to your peace. God illuminated your path to bring youR steps to youR destiny and gift of True LOVE . I was on my way to discovering my Destiny and light shined ur way. “Reflectionz ” my oldddd username… Hidden treasures have their sparkle. It’s all in the crafters hand to design and reflect. Mirror myLuv… itzallinhowucit
    Love u

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