Yes, I “could” have joined a gym but with membership costing 30+ dollars. And maybe I should’ve but that didn’t quite suit my fancy, having 7+ sets of beady little eyes judging you and everything you do. Plus there was the notion that seeped into my head of wanting to do as much things by myself as I could.

drvway Sometimes you are going to fall, sometimes you’ll get hurt, but you can only walk by putting one foot in front of the other.

The above picture is of my driveway, a rocky 50 yards connecting the road to my house. My reasoning on using this uneven stretch of driveway was simply due to wild hairs. That began protruding from my posterior roughly two and a half years after my car accident. Gargantuan things. The wild hairs, whispering into my ear, mentioned to me that, “if you learn to walk on uneven surfaces, how much better will you walk on even surfaces”.


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