Spanish 101 Instructor: Alba Shank

Although the length is unknown by even myself, my “mental-yarn” feels wound rather sparsely. As of when it occurred, about two weeks ago, I began a class at College, SPA.101.01 – Beginning Spanish I, Instructor: Alba Shank;  

The reason I am doing this, taking this class is that my “situation” dictates that I either use it or lose it. My brain that is, and God saved me from so many other… it will be just a shame. I ask that everyone who believes that Jesus Christ died for you then rose again on the third day. Pray in His name for myself to be granted a taste of His True Peace and for His will to be done in ALL situations.





Everyone has heard mention, though few have seen.

Also seeing that neither bad nor ugly, you are well on the way.

My ‘Cheeks are plump, both unique, but not complete till the END.

Your soul is placed in the body like coal on the ground and a diamond is the goal.

Just as, created by God for His Glory, I know you are the “apple” of my eye,

What may have been or be said in the future does not matter… that will not change.

It is my love for you that makes me text regardless of how I despise the action.

Thank you for your actions, for without you I will not shine…


Every day I am humbled. Though I do not remember anything vividly,retween what memory I do retain all that can be said is, I am blessed. Only three words can explain my situation overall: Better than bad. Having been told all that I need to know, and the specific description of how I was before the accident need not be told me. Certain people(WHO WILL REMAIN NAMELESS) felt compelled to repeatedly bring that up. Maybe from a long-term hate fueled by jealousy, including the shaking of the head, the tisk-tisk, and the half-eyed looks. After nearly dying, being pried out of a Nissan and rushed to the Hospital, nobody deserves even half of what I’ve been through. Then after enduring multiple seizures, of the grand-maul sort, and being rushed to the hospital. All of which my God, through Jesus, brought me through. People go through way worse things than what happened to me, all I can say. Is it’s good to be alive.